About me

Jana Malinovská, BSc., MD

I am an addiction specialist/counsellor (called “addictologist” in the Czech Republic). I have an undergraduate degree in Addictology at 1st Faculty of Medicine (Charles University in Prague). This degree teaches how to help people who use drugs and addictive substances or who are fighting addiction or addictive behaviours (gambling, internet/computer/mobile phone/games addictions) through counselling. Addictology combines knowledge of different fields (biology, sociology, social sciences, psychology, criminology, neurosciences) as addiction is not a disease of one specialisation/field only. Apart from addictology (non-medical degree), I am also a medical doctor.

I am a member of professional associations: International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP), Addictive Disease Society of the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně and Czech Addictologist Association, associations connecting medical and non-medical addiction specialists in the Czech Republic.

I care about my clients and about providing them a specialised addiction counselling. I continually work on my skills, learn new things and improve what I do. I attend courses focused on different therapeutic and counselling methods. I completed a course in crisis intervention.

I have experience from the whole spectrum of services focused on helping people with addiction – e.g. low threshold centres, substitution centres for opioid addiction, therapeutic communities, psychiatric wards and hospital wards for addiction treatment, and in post-treatment care centres.

My publications in addictology:

  1. Malinovská, J., Kršková, L., Švarcová, B., Vejtasová, V., Urbanová, J., & Brož, J. (2021). Screening rizikového užívání alkoholu v ordinaci lékaře. /Screening for risk alcohol use in clinical settings/. Vnitr Lek67(2), e38-43.
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  3. Malinovská, J., Urbanová, J., Lustigová, M., Kučera, K., & Brož, J. (2020). Diabetes mellitus a nelegální drogy. /Diabetes mellitus and illicit drugs/. Vnitr Lek66(5), e16-19. Link to the article
  4. Malinovská, J., Mravčík, V. (2017). Problémové užívání opioidů mezi klienty nízkoprahových kontaktních center v Praze: dotazníkové šetření. /Problem Opioid Use among Clients of Low-threshold Drop-in Centres in Prague: Questionnaire Survey/. Adiktologie, 17(4), 262–271. Link to the article
  5. Malinovská, J., Mravčík, V. (2017). Vývoj problémového užívání opioidů na území České republiky: literární přehled. /Development of Problem Opioid Useon the Territory of the Czech Republic:a Literature Review/. Adiktologie, 17(4), 282–291. Link to the article 1 Link to the article 2