Malinovská M.D., BSc.

addiction specialist
MUDr. Bc. Jana Malinovská

I have been dedicated to addiction medicine for several years. I completed my bachelor's degree in Addiction Medicine at the 1st Faculty of Medicine and I am a graduate of General Medicine at the 2nd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. Medical knowledge helps me see the clinical context and better understand my clients in addiction counselling. For a long time, I have been involved in research in the filed of addiction medicine, I also give lectures at professional conferences and teach a course for medical students at medical school.

Safe space

I started working as an addiction (non-medical) counsellor with the aim to provide clients a space where they can talk about their problems, feelings and experiences safely and with trust. I wanted to create a place where clients will be listened to, will be treated with respect, and where they can get the support they need for the next steps in their lives. All this providing time accessibility and independence from the health care system.

Continuing education

I care about providing high-quality addiction counseling to my clients. That is why I continually work on improving my skills and keeping up to date with current knowledge in addiction medicine. I regularly attend professional lectures and workshops. I also completed a course in crisis intervention.

I opened the addiction counselling centre at the end of 2018 as part of the professional centre Area fausta. The aim of the centre from its beginning was to create a safe space for clients who are affected by addiction and who look for a place where they can talk discreetly about what is troubling them, and where they would get the support they need in a difficult situation. My counselling centre expands the available range of addiction services by being a private facility, accommodating to clients' needs and being capable of offering greater time and place accessibility.

Discretion and flexibility

Complete discretion, professionalism and flexibility are at the core of my work. Preserving client anonymity and confidentiality are paramount. The counselling centre aims to meet requirements of clients who are not comfortable with visiting addiction treatment services that are part of the healthcare or social care systems, such as clients with limited time availability or clients who have concerns being seen visiting known addiction treatment centres.

Support every step of the way

I guide clients on their journey to change and I support them every step of the way to the recovery, respecting their own pace. I remain here for clients after they completed the treatment, I help them with adjusting to life without addiction and support them in maintaining abstinence.

My professional background

I am a member of professional and professional societies connecting professionals in the field of addictive diseases: the Czech Association of Addiction Medicine (CAMA) and the Society for Addictive Diseases. Czech Medical Society of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (ČLS JEP) and the International Association of Professionals International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP).

I am a member of professional societies connecting those working in the field of addiction medicine: The Czech Association of Addiction Specialists (ČAA) and the Society for Addictive Diseases of the Czech Medical Association of Jan Evangelista Purkyně (ČLS JEP) and the International Society of Substance Use Professionals (ISSUP).

I have experience of working in a wide range of addiction treatment services (low-threshold drop-in programmes, opioid substitution centres, therapeutic community, psychiatric wards and mid-term addiction treatment facilities, post-treatment centres).

I am active in research and my work is regularly published in both Czech and international professional journals.

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