Phone: +420 739 008 972 (Jana Malinovská – addiction counsellor)

TIN: 10668152

If we are not picking up the phone, we might be having a consultation with another client at the moment. In that case, we would appreciate, if you sent us a text message; we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Kandertova 1425/15

Praha 8 – Libeň

180 00

Our office is a 3 minute walk from the closest tram stop U Kříže (tram no. 3, 10, 24), and 5 minutes by tram from Palmovka metro station.

Addiction counselling is offered as a part of Area fausta services, a facility supervised by Mgr. Magdaléna Skřivánková, DiS. – TIN: 71713981. We are a private facility, our services are paid directly by clients.

If you have any question regarding our services or you want to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or call +420 739 008 972 (calling on WhatsApp is also possible).

We guarantee short wait time for appointments (usually within a few days). We do our best to meet clients’ needs regarding time of appointments, flexibility and discretion. We make sure to keep the agreed times of appointments and plan our clients’ visits accordingly so that no client has to wait – if your appointment is set for 5pm, you can be sure your appointment will start at 5pm with no delays. We understand a lot of our clients have tight work schedule and can make appointments only after work hours. That is why we also offer appointments in late afternoon and early evening hours and during weekends.