Information for English speaking clients

We offer addiction counselling in English for clients who do not speak Czech. We focus on help with addiction and related issues (including experimenting with addictive substances and complications resulting from drug use and addiction).

Don’t face your problem alone. Contact us if you feel you need advice, support or help with your addiction. Our team consists of experienced addiction specialists who are ready to help you.

Addiction counsellors help, support and guide clients through the process of rehabilitation, they assist in finding out underlying causes of addiction and identifying potential triggers. Counsellors support the clients throughout the whole process of recovery, encourage them and help them create a long-term plan to sustain sobriety.

  • Issues that we can help you with during addiction counselling include:
    • Smoking
    • Excessive alcohol drinking
    • Too much time spent on computer (playing computer games etc.)
    • Cannabis smoking (marijuana)
    • Experimenting with illegal drugs
    • Gambling
    • And other (depending on client’s needs)

We help both adults and adolescents struggling with addiction and also family members who are facing addiction in their homes and need advice or assistance in difficult times.

Kandertova 1425/15, Prague 8 (tram stop U Kříže, 15 min walk from Palmovka metro station).

We are a private facility. Our services are paid by clients. A counselling session in English is 1000 CZK for 50 min.

You can contact us by e-mail or by phone +420 739 008 972.